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Scott Muir – Dunedin

Scott Muir .jpg

Scott Muir (55) is strategic Director of boutique record label and aggregation company Ltd, based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Scott also manages iconic NZ band The Chills.

Scott has worked in a variety of roles across the music industry including label management, artist management, label A&R, event & touring management, and online retail.

An active member of Independent Music NZ Trade Association IMNZ for 9 years, Scott has held the Deputy Chair’s role since 2011, developing and managing business plans and strategy for the organization.

Scott specializes in strategic direction and highlights of his career to date are:

• Building from scratch a direct aggregation delivery and reporting platform for his label.

• Developing an early direct relationship with iTunes/Apple Music and others.

• Rebuilding the career of NZ artist Martin Phillipps – of iconic NZ band The Chills, including reintroducing the band to international markets and subsequent signing to new labels internationally.

• Winning the NZ Music Folk album of the year 2008 award (the Tui) working with Dunedin band Delgirl. 

• Guest lecturing 2010-2014 in the University of Otago (NZ) Music Industry papers.

• Developing touring circuits within NZ.

• Exporting NZ artists Two Cartoons and Jake Cropley to the UK.

• Delivering $100K entertainment contracts to Rugby World cup 2011.

• Building a local “place-based” music community and ecosystem in 2002, providing support and mentoring to local artists. This was set in place several years ahead of the advent of Social Media.

• In addition Scott is Chair of the Dunedin Street Art Trust, Trustee of the Vogel Street Party Trust, Trustee of the Dunedin Mid Winter Carnival Trust, served 6 years as  Trustee of the Dunedin Fringe Arts Festival, has worked as regional coordinator for the NZ branch of the Music Managers Forum (MMF) and has 8+ years lobbying experience in the creative industries with local and Central Government in NZ.