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Youtube Strategies Seminar With Rebecca Lammers

The Music Managers Forum New Zealand (MMF-NZ) is proud to host a very special seminar with Rebecca Lammers on Tuesday 25th August, centered on the earning potential that YouTube has for artists. Rebecca is the CEO of the Laika Network, a company that helps artists maximise monetisation on YouTube and how to best utilise YouTube as a promotional platform. YouTube has been named as the biggest music streaming service by the new MBW analysis of H1 statistics out of the US and UK – and it is growing faster than all of its rivals including Spotify. Rebecca will be sharing her insights in this very exciting and ever expanding field, drawing from her diverse client list that includes Pink Floyd. In a first for the MMF, the seminar will be held simultaneously in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch via a google hangout, and members outside of these regions will also be able to participate. The seminar will cover topics like an overview of YouTube as an industry, how money is made and royalties are collected on YouTube, and how artists can harness this earning potential. Rebecca will also explore the reasons why YouTube needs to be treated differently, tips for best practice when it comes to optimising videos and channels on YouTube, and pointers on how to make a video go viral