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Christchurch rock band STONEHURST (Angie - Third Eye Music Management) have just had the second single 'Step Outside' off their new album on The Rock FM's Kiwi rock sound check.

They are back up in Auckland in November to record the second half of the new album  'Strange Urge'  with producer Greg Haver due for release 2017.

Stonehurst spent last weekend filming a video for 'Step Outside' to be released before they head off to tour the South Island  with Devilskin, City Of Souls and Halestorm, This is super exciting as the Christchurch show will be in the Cathedral Square, the first big gig held there since before the earthquakes.  Following this they will be performing at the Electric Avenue Festival in Christchurch as well as headlining  Groovefest V.

'Strange Urge' is an album that will blow people's minds, and Stonehurst will be announcing the album release NZ tour for this early 2017.