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Now based in Melbourne, Bakers Eddy (Claire Gormly) are about unleash their new material upon the world, revealing an exciting and fresh new sonic direction for the five-piece.

Recorded at Studio in the City, with Shihad’s legendary Tom Larkin on the production desk alongside Jon Grace (production/engineering), the band set about capturing their energetic live show in a studio setting.

"Those guys are great - They just got it, you know," says Jamie Gordon of the experience. "Off the bat they were speaking our language but took it further than we had ever anticipated.

“Our time spent working with Tom really changed our mentality about the recording process and in turn what we produced. Capturing our raucous live show and translating that same energy to the record, something we had never quite bridged until now.

"We haven't been this into what we have crafted since we first started the band and it’s exciting as f***!"

Bakers Eddy on Friday 1 September release their new single, ‘Jack Shit For You’. The track is the first from their upcoming EP - a fast tempo dirty-pop-punk tune, that’s full of youthful desperation.

"We're all about having fun at the moment, living large with zero dollars... I think that shows through the music. There's an element of ‘who gives a shit’ and youthfulness mixed with cheap wine.”