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It’s been a crazy year for 5 piece Wellington Rock band Merrin (Heather Wood) from Wellington, NZ. After releasing 2 hot singles, a tour throughout some of NZ’s beautiful landscape and finding time to write new content, Merrin decided it was time to hit the studio to track their 8 song album, simply titled “1”.  

 “Rock’n’Roll, true story! We were kind of dared to do it and always up for a challenge. So with only 3 months it seemed crazy, but we did it and had a blast!. We wanted to achieve a sound that was unique to us, something that had a true creative spark that could lure your mind away from the mundane for half an hour and leave you wanting more. We think we’ve done this and we can’t wait to share it with you all. We know the title has been used before, we don’t mind. It felt right because we feel a true sense of unity and alignment, as a band.” says Charlie Phillips (Female vocalist).   

Merrin are excited to be performing our album release at Valhalla (Wellington) this Saturday, 23rd of September.  

 Album “1” was physically released to CD 15th of September 2017 and will be available online 01 October 2017