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Gawn Deep - Barry Finklestein

Coming from the darkest depths of the dirty south, comes the brand spanking new EP from New Zealand’s very own Gawn Deep (Donna Shearman). These three have been hiding out in a studio crafting a new flavour for their fans. Spending the past two years producing bass heavy tunes together, the boys knew it was time for a fresh release, showcasing their attentive and intense, drops and hard heating beats, following the massive success of their debut EP. With their minds constantly blown by the new wave of halftime Drum & Bass hitting the scene “Barry Finklestein” was born. The boys bring you 3 brand new, bass heavy halftime Drum & Bass tracks to make any party delicious!

They have drawn on the inspiration of half time and delivered their own, distinct take on the sub-genre. For the lads, pushing the limits of the Drum & Bass genre is the name of the game. Drawing on inspiration from all aspects of the genre, melting them into their own distinct mashup of Halftime - Jump Up and Neuro Funk. “We want to make music that still fits in the Drum & Bass frame, but when you hear our tunes, you will know, that’s Gawn Deep” to put it in their own words. Barry Finklestein’s heavy weight bass lines complimented with dark stuttered snares sends shivers down the listener’s spine. Evil Eric’s similar dark tones and upbeat aggressive pace is a must have on your set list. With beautiful bass lines rolling through the tune, you know this is one for the dance floor. Wild West Wesley lightens the tones from dark to dirty with hard hitting snares and bouncing bass lines taking you back to the “dirty west”.

With the successful release of their first EP “Tales from the Deep” in 2017 hitting number 9 on the Beatport Top 100 Drum and Bass release chart, earning them nods from the worldwide Drum & Bass community. This latest assortment of musical mayhem demonstrating their commitment, hard work and attention to detail, serves as a warm up for how massive 2018 is going to be for Gawn Deep. Whilst they continue to grow their fan base, have international releases on Mindtech Recordings and Kinetik records under their belt, they are earning their place within the NZ Drum and Bass scene. It comes to no surprise that some of NZ’s elite artists such as Concord Dawn and Optimus Gryme have shared the stage with these lads. They are continuing to push limits and set dance floors alight every time, so be sure to stay tuned, because are Gawn Deep are just getting started.