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Following the success of his first single ‘ABSENT’, IVY RED (Jade Keywood) is gearing up to release his high energy single FADED WORLD, released today.

After his debut ‘ABSENTlanded placements on Spotify’s R&B Connect, R&B Feels and Mellow Styles playlist, IVY RED was soon spotted peaking at No.9 on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 playlist earning him 50,000 streams in his first month.

Off the back of his success with his debut track ‘ABSENT’, IVY RED brings contrast to his world with this high energy single ‘FADED WORLD’. In this powerful sonic recreation of losing control IVY speaks from a place of confusion and anger, he channels this energy to give his listeners not just a song but an experience.

“It’s more or less based on situations I’ve had where I’ve been surrounded by so much confusion and chaos that my brain short circuits and I black out.” - IVY RED