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Friday 25th May 2018 is a special day on the NZ Music Month calendar – it’s Love Your Local Venue Day. In honour of the valiant work our live music venues do supporting musicians and the musical culture of Aotearoa, we want to show them some love back.

First and foremost, we’d like to encourage everyone to get out and see a gig on Friday 25 May, as nothing shows your support like turning up.

Secondly, we want to fill the NZ Music Month social channels with photos from favourite venues, share stories about memorable gigs, and highlight the incredible work of people who keep our live music venues running all year round.

Tag @nzmusicmonth on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with your venue stories, selfies, show listings – or video footage! – and make sure your post is set to public so we can share the love!  #loveyourlocalvenue

Live music venues are hubs of community; places where musicians play and learn their craft; are vitally important in the early stages of artists development, and where patrons go to discover and support local artists. 

To find out whats on at your local, or to discover a new music venue this weekend, go to the NZ Music Month website and click on the venues button at the top of the page.  And if we are mising your favourite venue – please let us know so we can add it to the list! Loving your local venue is more than just one day this May - check out the Music Venue Alliance NZ to see how you can get involved all year round.

Remember – let us know what you love about your local venue, or tell us about the great times you’ve had enjoying the live music performances they book.  #loveyourlocalvenue

"The Powerstation rules, as far as bigger venues go, that's the queen. Run by a whanau that actually give a damn about live music from both sides of the crowd barrier – the audience & artists." - Julia Deans

"I love the scene in Christchurch and watching our local producers hit it with the internationals and hold their weight. I’m also mega proud of the local promoters making gigs work with venues like The Darkroom and Winnie Bagoes, two venues that have been a mainstay of the local scene whilst we deal with a severe lack of inner city venues for music. They keep our local scene humming. Ka pai.” - Muz Moeller, Delicious Music

"Whenever we come back from a long tour and play a show at Whammy Bar it's a such relief and  feels like we're back home. The staff, gear and overall vibe makes it my favourite place to play in Auckland." Tom Leggett, Wax ChattelsMiss June

"Meow is f*#%ing awesome! 'What did one Maori cat say to the other Maori cat? You look like me-ow’." - Manu (Dirty) of Eno x Dirty

The Taihape Musicians Club was fantastic! so much musical history there. Great sound, full house, wonderful promotion and a listening audience. Sold a ton of merch it was just awesome! Christine, who is the president, is just fantastic and really worked every angle of promotion" - Jackie Bristow

"The Captain Cook Hotel is deeply embedded in the music culture of Dunedin. Back in the 1980s, It hosted some of the first performances for bands like The Clean and The Verlaines, and continues to provide a space for musicians to perform, develop, and connect with people. It’s run by people who put an impetus on live music and who are incredibly supportive of local music.” -  Henry Francis, Soaked Oats

"San Fran is my favourite place to play and see shows in Wellington. It's a very well run live music venue. They work with artists to get people along to shows, and look after you well. And it always sounds great!" - Emily Fairlight

"There aren’t many more reassuring things I can think of about performing live than having Rohan look after your sound at The Wine Cellar" – Michael Cathro, Ha The Unclear