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Following the release of her single If I Ever, ASHY is proud to announce her newest single release Jersey

With no shortage of inspiration ASHY releases her latest single Jersey born straight out of her notebook whilst in New York City. A coming of age story about a young relationship built upon insecurity. A song that outlines the simple truth when it comes to a first relationship, what do we value more? To be desired or to be treated how we deserve? 

The song was written by ASHY herself last year (2017) and produced at Parachute Studios alongside producer Scott Seabright. 

ASHY starts the story in present time with the opening lines ‘I don't really care for him, he don’t really care for me’ accompanied by a rhythmic piano. As listeners we are immediately drawn into the narrative of a girl who realised her naive nature had brought upon an unhealthy relationship. 

As the story unfolds it is clear to see that what was important to her at the beginning, the quintessential story. The lyrics, ’He met me out on the East Side, a Jersey boy he was so fine’ paints a perfect picture until we hit the next line, hinted with aggression, ‘but he don't like it when I speak my mind’. Sonically after this line we get a taste of her true feelings as we are introduced to a dark bass and her sharp vocal delivery of her line ‘Check 1, 1, 2, 1’. As the lyrics are complimented by minimal production she makes sure we are listening to her next lines ‘I’m back again, don’t doubt it for a second’. 

ASHY noted that the most important message of the song and its storyline, is that the narrator didn’t know herself enough to pursue this relationship, so she accepts that consequently, the bitter end to the story was partly her fault. Being young, it’s hard to know when you’ve never experienced. Jersey is representative of a new confidence, a different person, she’s back again - don’t doubt it for a second. 

You can find the Jersey on Spotify, iTunes and the Apple Store.