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Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Seth Haapu (Ani Merito) returns from hiatus with soulful R&B ballad 'New Wave', true to his early soul-pop roots and the first official single by the artist since his self-titled debut record was released in 2011.

"I still value the classics," Haapu says. "The piano vocal works of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Prince."

"At the core, my sound has always been piano and voice though learning more about my heritage inspired me to document a range of Polynesian instruments and field recordings which further refined my own identity in the sound. The melodies were inspired by the rise and fall of a wave so the natural environment has been a closer source of inspiration too."

Haapu says 'New Wave' is about being grateful for the ebbs and flows of life. “It draws on the ocean as a metaphor for finding peace in the calm before a break, diving in and coming up renewed on the other side”.

The track is accompanied by a video shot at Te Arai, by Shae Stirling (Stan Walker, Brooke Fraser, Maisey Rika). The idea came from Haapu, who has spent time over the past 12 months working in film on two series Poi: Hopes and Dreams and Takoha. Haapu wanted something simple that captured him in his element.

"I tend to go to the waters edge during significant times in my life and so the visual captures a landmark moment in my journey as an artist. I hope whoever sees it feels inspired to pause and reflect on what being thankful means to them."

'New Wave' is a stand alone single, introducing fans to a more reflective Seth Haapu, released on his own label Kēhua Music.