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Announcing the Milk & Honey festival to celebrate International Women's Day

One night
Four cities
Five venues
Over twenty artists
In celebration of International Women’s Day
Friday March 8th 2019.

To celebrate International Women’s Day in 2019, over twenty of Aotearoa’s finest female artists are gathering across three cities to perform a series of shows on Friday March 8th.

Tami Neilson, Nadia Reid, Julia Deans, Ria Hall and Sandy Mill (DJ)

carb on carb, CHAII, Cheshire Grimm, Dead Little Penny, HEX, LEXXA, Randa, October, Sami Sisters, Tooms, Wax Chattels, Valkyrie

CLUB 121
Curated by Moments
Alexa Casino (DJ), Half Queen , Peach Milk , Amy Jean
Bic Runga, French_concession
Mel Parsons, Dana Sipos (Canada)

Tickets to each gig in the Milk and Honey Festival go on sale today
Note that each gig is stand-alone and are individually ticketed

The team behind Milk and Honey are Lani Purkis and Teresa Patterson. The two have a wealth of music industry experience between them, from management, promotion, and booking, to performing, teaching, and mentoring.

While working on other projects over the past 12 months, they began thinking about how wonderful it would be to create a series of shows where the majority of musicians and crew were women, and decided it was the perfect goal for International Women’s Day 2019.

They have three key aims:

  1. To celebrate the incredibly talented women who work in all facets of the New Zealand music industry;

  2. To make female artists and crew visible to younger women, and encourage them to see many different possible roles they could find for themselves in the music industry;

  3. To provide a safe, inclusive, respectful festival and gig environment. 

“We really wanted to create something where younger girls and women have someone to look up to and aspire to, and something where women are very clearly visible in all parts of the event.”   

Tami Neilson states:  “I'm so excited to be part of the inaugural Milk & Honey Festival. We're going to blast the roof off The Powerstation with this powerhouse line-up! What a way to celebrate International Women's Day.”

The Sami Sisters agree: "We are super pumped to be part of Milk & Honey! It's been a while since we played and we couldn't be more excited to take part in this festival celebrating our wāhine toa on International Women's Day."

Tickets to each gig in the Milk and Honey Festival go on sale today

Note that each gig is stand-alone and are individually ticketed.