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NRG Rising - 'I Cry'

New Zealand’s only female reggae trio NRG Rising have released an emotionally kaupapa driven single entitled I Cry a track from their album released in 2018 Say Yes To Life. The deeply moving music video that accompanies the release dives directly into the impact of domestic violence on families in particular the children.  

NRG Rising recently (January 2019) supported Julian Marley son of the legend himself Bob Marley for two shows but his response when asked about New Zealand reggae Marley’s resonated with them all in a profound, deep and meaningful way.

“… Its Freedom music, I see the music spread so far from Jamaica. It can be felt in New Zealand it can grow roots off the seeds… I know that it’s our music, your music, it’s our music – we are the people. Y’know what I mean … we are the people, the feel. Bob Marley says, “who feels it know it” so music is liberation – liberation music” Julian Marley 11th January 2019

This connection with Julian and The Uprising his band has had a powerful and inspiring impact on the mother and daughter trio;

“It bought it all back the importance of our voice in music as mothers and a grandmother to share conscious messages from our perspective. We all see and hear about the suffering, pain and death of our children here in Aotearoa all over the news through domestic violence and abuse. I Cry is one way to spread awareness and create more open discussion and bring hope that we can make a difference” says Benita Tahuri band leader.

You can look forward to more exciting music, releases and collaborations both locally and internationally.