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Otium release ‘Black Mirror’ style music video

Stone Cold Records are proud to present the official music video for Otium's latest single, Dollar for the Man.

Following the release of the song in March, the team partnered with Dave Pirie (Rogue Works) to build a concept for the music video. Dave had the creative idea to connect multiple old CRT screens, and synch them, so each band member was represented digitally in the music video.

The original footage was filmed in the Belltech warehouse in Whangarei. The shots were then passed on to Rogue Works; who edited and programmed the footage so it could play in synch on the stacks of old TVs. This was then installed and filmed in an empty shop front on K’ Road.

Auckland’s Karangahape Road is famous for being home to free personal expression and people who express non-conformist views. It felt incredibly fitting to shoot the Dollar for the Man video there.

The stripped empty store front, piles of antique televisions and the K’ Road setting ensured the themes of isolation, capitalism and obligation in Dollar for the Man were emphasised.

Otium release this video as they head into the studio to lay down their debut album, set for an early 2020 release.