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Christchurch-based singer and songwriter ASHY is back with a new pop banger, ‘All Eyes Are On Me’.


‘All Eyes Are On Me’ is a fun and feelgood dance-pop anthem, laced with hints of R’n’B. With its soaring vocals, catchy-as-hell beats and production, which packs a real punch, it’s a song designed to light up the airwaves and move the masses.

“The song is about having confidence in yourself. I wanted it to be an anthem of empowerment,” says ASHY. “It’s directed at a boy who I know all too well. I know I've never been his 'type'. But I walk into a party with an unapologetic confidence. And while he changes his mind about me, it doesn’t mean I have to. I don't have the energy to be what he wants me to be. I am who I am!”

ASHY co-wrote ‘All Eyes Are On Me’ in Sydney with fellow New Zealand singer and songwriter Theia and Australian producer Liam Quinn.

“I loved working with Theia and Quinn. It was our first time working together and we wrote this song in a day! It was pretty electric in the room and we had a great dynamic. Theia and Quinn really understood me as an artist and where I want to go and that made the song extra special. ‘All Eyes Are On Me’ feels more 'me' than a song has ever felt.”

In the space of just two years, ASHY has released a string of killer singles, including ‘Jersey’, ‘Over You’ (which reached #5 in the Hot New Zealand Singles chart), and ‘Temporary Crush’, co-written and produced by Kiwi legend Josh Fountain, who is a member of the band Leisure and who’s also behind some of the best known NZ pop tunes of recent times (think Bene, Theia, Maala and Openside!)

ASHY has also participated in some of the country’s most well-known music initiatives, from Play It Strange to Smokefree Rockquest. She recently played to a packed crowd opening for Kiwi four-piece Openside at the iconic Hollywood in Avondale.

ASHY is an artist on the rise and there’s no stopping her!