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Based on a true story this funky fun reggae pop tune brings a message of love, antibullying & equality with free hugs abound. Retelling the heroic true tale of Ivy Padilla (Panda), BRB’s vocalist, and how she saved the day. 

World over Pandas are a symbol of peace & gentle strength, good luck & positive thought. Take a ride or grab a hug, from our very own Vigilante Panda and together, in the face of fear and oppression, stand for what is right and hold your ground.  With love & some good music, we can start to make this world a better place!

Ivy aka ‘Panda’ stood up and protected a man being beaten up in broad daylight on Willis street Wellington. Small but fiercely protective in nature she was first to witness the incident and without hesitation moved on the attacker giving him the full blast of her Dianna Ross like vocals, the guy freaked out and took off. 

Panda showed heart and bravely in the face of aggression, proving that love always defeats fear and hate. That night at band practice Ivy a little shaken relayed the story to the band, who were like “Dude you’re the Vigilante Panda” this song came out fully formed like a spinning reverse high kick that evening! 

The music video was filmed by filmmaker friend and fellow musician Ben Stewart aka Dr Fingers of ‘Dr Reknaw’. It sees Vigilante Panda skating around the Wellington waterfront spending time with the locals, spreading loads of good cheer and eventually making her way to join tens of thousands for a boogie and party on Cuba street!

Vigilante Panda is the 4th single from the band’s forthcoming, self-titled debut album, both are being released under their independent Wellington Label, Fire Flower Records. It was engineered & recorded live & mixed by Dr Lee Prebble at his Surgery Studios in Newtown, Wellington with mastering from Mike Gibson of Munki Studio.  The name Blue River Baby is a lament, referring to a time when our rivers ran clear and clean.