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Danny McCrum has released the first single and title track off his upcoming album Hustle Bustle.

Danny is a well-known figure in the New Zealand music scene and his reputation for his diverse talent, his high work ethic and unrelenting professionalism precedes him.   This only makes sense as over the years Danny has worked with and supported many top artists including Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel, John Mayer, John Butler Trio, Jeff Beck, Bryan Ferry, Joan Armatrading, Norah Jones, Jimmy Barnes, Simple Minds, Katie Melua and many top New Zealand acts.  Danny started writing and performing at the age of twelve and has worked as a fulltime musician for the last fourteen years.  A rare and impressive achievement in the New Zealand music business.  He has released three albums: Awake & Restless (2007, Elite Music), Say What You Mean (2009, Liberation/Universal) and Letters to the Future (2012, Paper Plane).

The new album signifies a return to form for Danny McCrum who almost gave up on music a few years ago.  Burnt out and frustrated Danny considered leaving it all behind him.  After contemplating this for a few months Danny instead decided to turn his attention to other areas of the music world focusing more on session work and collaborations.  ‘Suddenly I felt free; I didn’t have to play the game anymore.  I could simply play music and focus on the craft rather than get bogged down by more negative aspects of the business.’   He worked for numerous producers and artists including Greg Haver, Peter van Gent, Alex Burke (US), Lizzie Marvelly, Magnolia Memoir (US), Vann Dizon, Georgia Lines, Phil Edwards Band, the Michael Jackson tribute show 'King Of Pop, The Legend Continues’, AutoMatic 80s and many more.  

Then in a random moment walking along the street in Vienna, Austria the muse returned and Danny decided to start writing his fourth album.  ‘I heard the feeling of the album somehow, I realised I had more to say and I felt I was in a good place to make the album simply for the love of it.’  Danny has returned with a unique first single which steals from funk, jazz and even dance music.  Combine this with a band of great musicians and you end up with an exciting and original new track.  The accompanying music video was filmed in L.A. and Auckland and embraces a 1990s street vibe, which goes with the gritty city-theme of the album.

"Danny has created a beautiful album of finely-tuned, soul-searching, gut-wrenching rock songs that just drip with mojo and lessons learned! Bang your drum, McCrum!"  Tommy Emmanuel

“Fave tracks Full Speed Ahead and Mine All Mine… your guitar playing is killer!”  Greg Johnson

“Yes, it has groove. Yes, it has hooks, musicianship and taste - but what 'Hustle Bustle' has most of all is heart! Danny has managed to craft a collection of songs that demonstrate musicality mixed with pop-esque sensibilities that is not often seen.” Bobby Kennedy (Opshop)

The full album Hustle Bustle will be released later in 2019.

Danny cohosts the podcast series Don’t Give Up Your Day Job where they talk to creative professionals about their experiences in the entertainment business.

Danny is endorsed by Rockbox Electronics and Chris Campbell Guitars. /