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Today sees the release of ‘Attachment’ by Kapiti artist Manzo. The second single and title track released ahead of Manzo’s third studio album ‘Attachment’, this track is a complete contrast to the upbeat and sunny pilot single ‘Big Kid’.

It is dark, uneasy, synthy and unconventional. A story of internet baiting,  the song is dissected into two halves by a drum solo, with what is best described as a ‘king hit’ at the very end of the track.

The vocals are again performed by Manzo’s talented young vocalist Harrison Nicol. An video of the single will be available on Manzo’s YouTube channel soon after release.

With the 11 track album ‘Attachment’ and 4 track companion EP ‘Beatniks on Toast’ releasing on 26 July,

the Manzo crew are now busy rehearsing a set of songs for the 27 July launch event in Wellington City.


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