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A musician of great resilience and determination, Rubita presents a compelling swirl of conflict and desire in her latest single Let Me Know.

In the 3 years since the release of her warmly received Brutal yet Dulce Soap EP, Rubita returns with Let Me
Know, a song born from torn relationships and informed by her hard work to date. Let Me Know was written in the heart of a student flat in Leith St, Dunedin. Amongst disarming jangles and wistful harmonies, it describes the hesitant story of going back into a relationship with someone that broke her heart once before, and whether or not she has the strength to go through that again.

Let Me Know is the first single to be released from her debut album 'Distinctive Thrill'

‘Let Me Know is one of many songs from the album that Iwrote while living as a student in the freezing flats of Dunedin. Sitting back on a couch with someone I didn’tthink I’d have much to do with again is where this song started coming together.’

Rubita will be holding their release show August 30th in Wellington's Caroline along side up and coming bands 'Ludus' and 'Miss Cressida'.

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