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Mema Wilda has been captivating audiences in and around Auckland for the past 18 months and her incredible debut single, Blue, is now finally due for release on 15th August 2019.

Produced by Mitch French and recorded at Black Dog Recording Studio, Blue is a stunningly beautiful and mesmerising track which really showcases Mema’s unique brand of psychedelic folk whilst also having a very broad appeal, regardless of your genre preference.

A gifted songwriter, Mema has the ability to capture your heart and leave it soaring, evoking real raw emotion with her touching lyrics and simply angelic voice.  One reviewer said of Mema that ‘she sometimes appears to be in rapture and at other times an exquisite pain is evident’.  Such is Mema’s breathtaking ability to convey the sentiment behind her songs.

Mema said of her debut track, ‘I dreamt I was stranded in the middle of the ocean on a sailboat with no sight of land anywhere. Just blue. The ocean met the sky at every turn. I was all alone and yet I felt at ease; almost as if I was right where I was meant to be. I felt sad and free at the same time. Blue to me is a song of hope, fear, and the courage to acknowledge sadness as easy as it is to recognise happiness.  It’s a gift from the universe to anyone who wants it.  I’m just a vessel the universe is using to carry it through.