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VïKÆ 'Truth'

Working with Dunedin born female producer Abigail Knudson (MISSY), Ukrainian born kiwi, New Zealand songstress VïKÆ  (Veronika Bell) has been lurking in the shadows.  VïKÆ’s haunting vocals tell a story of self-discovery via escapism. TRUTH tackles living with trauma and physical limitations where a chilling subtext is symbolised by sampling  medicine bottles, tapping on glass and ripping paperIn a country where the topic of mental health is still taboo, Veronika took the opportunity to write a track outlining her personal battle with mental and physical health. Addressing  internalised toxicity and overcoming demons  Veronika describes writing this track 'as a form of healing'.  TRUTH has provocative lyrics which seemingly float above a noir storyline and weave between spicy baselines. A track like this is as much melancholic as it is a subtle nod to the dance floor and howcases unique songwriting and Veronika effortlessly conjures up an intoxicating blend of emotive lyricism and delicately crafted melodies.

VïKÆ, who has done a peculiar 360 dance around the music-sphere, feels she is finally landing where she describes as feeling ‘most at home’. TRUTH is part pop-ballad and part dance floor anthem, only creating an excited buzz for what is next in store for this new kid on the block. VïKÆ has entered the music scene as she intends to continue: strong, sassy and spellbinding with a confronting story to tell through song.

Introduced to the beauty of classical music from an early age, Veronika began studying the piano, joined ballet school and later enrolled in a drama programme. Finding a niche within the performing arts gave Veronika a sense of purpose. Awarded a choral scholarship, Veronika was accepted into the Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice Performance, University of Otago). Half way through her degree, she switched to a contemporary voice major and  completed her honours year with a dissertation on the vocal techniques of Ella Fitzgerald. She hosting the 91FM Thursday Drive as well as being involved with the radio station for 4 years. During this time, Veronika also became a resident vocalist of The Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra and released a drum and bass track, Hindsight (prod by Kristin Nielson and 4ORT.NIGHT Records). Later, she met Dunedin Guitarist Latham Hunt and together they formed a rock duo VTMNK (Vitamin K). Whilst working towards an EP with local producer Tim Greenslade, VTMNK were heavily praised for their songwriting techniques and musicianship from renown New Zealand producers Clint Murphy and Greg Haver. Now living in Auckland, Veronika is quietly chipping away at her debut album and is an itinerant vocal teacher at a high school as well as teaching singing and music theory privately from her home studio.