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Graeme James (Zoe Crehan) has released the video for his stunning new single The Difference
Featuring vintage footage from the 1920’s and 30’s, this video captures the classic feel of Graeme’s unique brand of atmospheric folk while transporting us to a bygone era.
Death defying stunts, delightful animals, and all manner of showmanship feature in these gorgeous black and whiteclips, showing that while the world has become a very different place since the advent of cinema, the things people love to capture on camera has remained remarkably unchanged.
The new track, with its passionate lyrics, restless electric guitars, punchy mandolin, and a driving rhythm section, signals the start of a new phase in Graeme’s career, as his first release since signing to indie record label Nettwerk in May. 
Released on July 7, The Difference follows on the success of his debut album of original songs, News From Nowhere, which was a finalist in the 2017 Vodafone Music Awards for NZ Folk Album of the Year.