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Kiwi artist Jed Parsons (Mel Parsons) today releases ‘Get Lost’ - the first official single from his upcoming debut album. LISTEN HERE
A blend of dreamy melodies, infectious hooks and clever songwriting, ‘Get Lost’ is the perfect introduction to Parsons’ unique concoction of indie-pop. It’s also the culmination of his rich and varied background playing in bands, which has taken him around the world and into the studio with the likes of nomadPacific Heights and Mel Parsons.
Get Lost’ began its life as a title: “The term ‘Get Lost’ always seems to hold negative connotations, yet at the time of writing the song, the idea of literally ‘getting lost’ had never seemed so appealing,” says Parsons.
“Many of my peers' definition of ‘the dream’ was drifting away from mine, and while observing people settling down, getting mortgages on houses in subdivisions and working jobs they didn't like, I was yearning to get on the road and experience new and strange things. The song is ultimately a reminder to myself about the danger of complacency; to not let the idea of comfort and stability come at the cost of my true happiness.”
Parsons is a consummate live performer and multi-instrumentalist, who has appeared at countless festivals around the world; headlined tours and played alongside some of New Zealand and Australia’s finest indie acts. 
As a solo artist, his music balances eccentricity and energy with intimacy and musical sensitivity, maintaining a focus on catchy hooks and lyrical prowess. His songwriting is sculpted from his observations and analysis of a world he enjoys.