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Sonic Delusion has been gathering momentum for months in the lead up to the release of his 5th recording album, ‘Anything Goes’, a collection of happy, upbeat and bouncy new tracks sung by Andre Manella, the uniquely upbeat and bursting with electroacoustic funk frontman of Sonic Delusion.

Sonic Delusion frontman Andre Manella acknowledges the amount of work put into recording ‘Anything Goes’ succeeds any of his other album release to date, he’s genuinely happy with every single song and unapologetically convinced that his fans will love the new album as much as he loved making it.
Sonic Delusion has carved out an album of 10 dynamic songs that each have their own funky folk looped beats, rhythm and memorable lyrics, just a bit tongue in cheek, that his global fans know and love. New tracks, ‘ Have You Ever’ and ‘All Good Things’ will delight just as much as ‘Hey Trouble’ and ‘Anything Goes’ single releases which toured across New Zealand over summer.

New Album ‘Anything Goes’ available now!

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Known as one of the original one man banders, and having been looping for over ten years, Manella  still digs  the challenge of carving out his intriguingly experimental looping and sounds in front of a live audience. Fans can catch Sonic Delusion LIVE for the official album launch of ‘Anything Goes’ Friday 3rd May at the Fitzroy Surfriders Club, New Plymouth.