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Aro are releasing their Official Music Video for the final track off their debut album Manu, Tauhou today!

This video was dreamed up, filmed and produced by 3 legends from the NZ Broadcasting school - Hattie, Ryan and Mozza, with the talented actresses', dancer Sophie Overend and child actress Indiana Pudney.

Tauhou is the Māori name for the silvereye, the melody if this bird is in the refrain of the song 'kei konei au, kei konei ahau' (I am here, I am here).

The Tauhou never meant to end up in Aotearoa, but was blown here in a storm, and then made this home- becoming one of our native Manu. Tauhou means "stranger" - which comes with this story.

Tauhou is a song about going through hardship, but not ever being alone through it. We didn't ask for any of this, when things suck, but together we can make it through.

This is Aro's song of hope, which is why they have chosen to release this video today on World Refugee Day. Manu album can be found here:

Manu album can be found here: