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The 'Thomas Brothers' return with their first song in two years - the catchy pop tune, ‘Sorry’, which paves
the way for the release of their second full-length album later in the year.

Written and produced by the band’s frontman Samuel Thomas, ‘Sorry’ is a hook-filled, upbeat pop song,
but delve deeper and it’s a song with substance and meaning, both in its intricate instrumentation and its
lyrical content.

“It’s about a young man, Brodie, who is trapped in the depths of alcohol addiction,” explains Samuel.
“With the realisation that it's destroying his relationships, including with his long term partner, he takes a
last stand, attempting to climb the path to freedom.”

The 'Thomas Brothers' really are a band of brothers. Consisting of four siblings, Sam, Josh, Joe and
Ben, here’s what you need to know about the brothers in one paragraph:
Samuel - the Go-Getta. Fun fact he studied acting at Australia’s most prestigious drama school and
wrote, created and acted in his own feature film Someone To Carry Me. Guess who wrote the score!;
Josh - the self-described geek. He’s the only one in the band who enjoys computer technology. Sam
writes the song and Josh makes it great!: Joe - the Lady’s Favourite. Constantly teased about his good
looks, but his personality is his real hidden talent. Fun fact: Joe worked on Planet of the Apes… not as an
extra) and Ben - the talented one. Drums, piano, guitar, vocals - he can pick up any instrument and
master it. Speaking of pickups, he’s played competitive basketball in America.

The Thomas Brothers have been playing music together since before they could walk. They released
their debut self-titled album in 2016, featuring the songs ‘I Need To Get Home’ and ‘Keep Holding On’.
With a musician for a dad, music is in their blood. But it’s not just music that the brothers are passionate
about. For them, the visual representation of songs is equally as important, as evidence on their YouTube
page, on which their videos have clocked up impressive streaming numbers in the hundreds of
thousands. And, fans can now look forward to the release of the exquisitely-shot and edited video for
‘Sorry’, featuring a host of well-known names and faces in the creative industries. Watch this space!
“We’ve got a lot to say about love, family and togetherness, and we’re passionate about getting our
message out there. We’re excited to be releasing ‘Sorry’ and our second album later this year. And we’re
not going to quit. You can go fast alone… or you can go far together.”