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Why Belong?

Music Managers Forum NZ is the collective voice for music managers and self-managed artists. The MMF NZ is a non-profit trade association dedicated to helping grow artist manager businesses through education, networking and advocacy.


As a member of the MMF (NZ) you join a community with some the countries leading music managers who look after artists like The Naked and Famous, Broods, Marlon Williams, Sole Mio, Tiki Taane, Shapeshifter and many more. The MMF (NZ) is also part of the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) extending it's networks globally.

It is no coincidence that over the last 10 years, since the creation of the Music Managers Forum, the stock of good managers has increased. MMF are organised, provide excellent professional development opportunities for their members whether fresh or experienced, are well run and efficiently organised, have excellent relationships with all parts of the business” Ant Healey (Head of New Zealand Operations, APRA AMCOS)



Our mentoring program gives our members an opportunity to have confidential one on one sessions with industry specialists covering areas which include touring, bookings, contracts, marketing, publicity, company structure and general artist management.

"As a fulltime musician I have not had the financial means to take on a mentor previously and through the MMF programme I have had invaluable industry support that I would never have accessed otherwise"



The MMF (NZ) hold  regular group seminars and panel discussions with leading industry specialists and visiting international guests. All seminars are designed to help develop our members knowledge of the music industry and grow their networks.

"MMF New Zealand has been the number one support in my career, and they keep bringing it with amazing sessions totally relevant to the industry today" 
Intent Management



One of best networking experiences for MMF members, the Speed Networking session gives our members the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Music Industry. Previous Speed Networking sessions have included Festival Bookers and Radio Programmers. 

"What a great night! I went along to chat with some bookers of NZ music festivals to find out how to possibly play one. The bookers were thankfully all really nice people and had great advice. It was so interesting to hear about the different approaches each festival takes to make their one stand out and what they are looking for from musicians. Thanks MMF New Zealand for all your work and helping connect artists!"
Moss Bioletti



Held every year in the last week of May Music Month,  the Summit is an intensive day of themed panel discussions and master classes. The guest speakers are leading executives from all area’s of the Music Industry. 

"Awesome opportunity to meet the people in the industry and learn from experts.  Great event, looking forward to next year!"


THE Music managers AWARDS

The Music Managers Awards celebrates the blood, sweat and tears that music managers put in behind the scenes for their artists successes. As one of the MMF's flagship events it is considered a key night on the Music Industry calendar.



A weekly newsletter is sent out to all of our members and the music industry covering submitted activity, industry news, articles and resources. 


Who are we?

Music Managers Forum NZ is the collective voice for music managers and self-managed artists. The MMF NZ is a non-profit trade association dedicated to helping grow artist manager businesses through education, networking and advocacy.

The MMF New Zealand is part of the International Music Managers' Forum (IMMF), a worldwide community of music managers. The IMMF has Permanent Observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) based at the United Nations in Geneva, working to preserve and enhance the rights that creators of copyright enjoy, making the past, present, and future of music possible. There are active MMF organisations in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, United States, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa. The International Music Managers' Forum (IMMF) is also working toward developing affiliates in other countries of significance such as China, Japan and Mexico.

In New Zealand, the MMF has representatives who sit on the board of the NZ Music Industry Commission, RIANZ and IMNZ. MMF Executive Members are also proactive in education through regular guest lecturing at universities, polytechnics and private training establishments.

At an international level, the IMMF is also engaged with simplifying and reforming music business agreements such as recording and publishing contracts, watching out for new clauses which may not be in artist's and therefore manager's interests. The IMMF is also concerned to reform various industry norms such as issues like assignment of copyright and packaging deductions in recording contracts as well as a host of other old-fashioned and blatantly unfair conditions.


MMF NZ Executive Commitee

Teresa Patterson - Chairperson   CRS Management

Teresa Patterson - Chairperson

CRS Management

Lorraine Owen - Operations/Event Manager    

Lorraine Owen - Operations/Event Manager


Wairere Iti - Technical Co-ordinator   New Zealand Music Commission Board

Wairere Iti - Technical Co-ordinator

New Zealand Music Commission Board

Sarah Owen - MMF Co-Ordinator   Recorded Music NZ   

Sarah Owen - MMF Co-Ordinator

Recorded Music NZ


James Southgate   Music Management Incorporated

James Southgate

Music Management Incorporated

Mark de Jong   SMOKE   

Mark de Jong



Cushla Aston   Aston Road

Cushla Aston

Aston Road

Lorraine Barry   Lorraine Barry Management   

Lorraine Barry

Lorraine Barry Management




Updated April 2018


The following Code of Conduct is a guideline of what is expected of all members of the Music Managers Forum NZ [MMF NZ]. The purpose of this code is to guide members through their management career, encouraging professional, ethical and expert behaviours. 

Failure to adhere to all points in the MMF NZ Code of Conduct may result in membership termination.

1.    A Managers Duty of Care

a.    In engaging an artist in a written agreement, the manager should ensure that the artist seeks and receives expert legal advice on the terms of that agreement before signing it.

b.   To devote sufficient time to the agreed management responsibilities in representing the artist.

c.    To maintain an open dialogue with the artist around legal and financial matters, including referral of artist to an independent third party specialist advisor as needed.

d.   To uphold artist confidentiality and to protect their personal information.

e.   To only exercise the rights and powers implied or granted to them by their artist’s in their written or oral agreements for their artist’s best interests.

f.     To not intentionally mislead the artist for personal financial gain or any other reason.

2.    Professionalism

a.   Communicate openly about the responsibilities of both parties (manager and artist), including the obligations, duties and remuneration as a manager of the artist. Note that it is recommended that these be formally notated in a written agreement;

b.   Conduct themselves in a manner which is professional and ethical, and which abides by best business practices and methods accepted in the New Zealand music industry, in compliance with relevant local laws;

c.    Recognise diversity in all its forms, being culturally aware and acting with respect towards all religious, gender and ethnic groups;

d.   To not engage in any acts of sexual harassment including unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

e.   Where a manager acts independently as a publisher, agent, record producer or in any other capacity as well as a manager for their artists, they must declare such interests so that the artist has the ability to determine for themselves if they feel it constitutes a conflict of interest and is therefore detrimental to their career

i.     In such cases where a manager acts independently in any other capacity as well as manager for their artists, and where such activity ordinarily involves the charging of fees or commissions, the manager shall not charge multiple fees or commissions without first gaining the consent of their artist in writing

f.     Declare and disclose any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest where money or services are earned either directly or indirectly through or in conjunction with an artist’s performance or services. These can include:

i.     Legal obligations

ii.     Income

iii.     Sponsorship 

iv.     Other considerations 

3.    Expertise

a.   Fundamentally and thoroughly understand the place of their artist in the industry, and have the knowledge of the right business transactions to maximise the career of the artist;

b.   Possess (or obtain) the core knowledge and skills required in order to carry out the duties of management as agreed and understood by the artist;

c.    Have a fundamental knowledge of the New Zealand music industry, and sufficient local contacts to leverage in the conducting of business on behalf of the artist;

d.   Be committed to consistent development of skills and building of a knowledgebase through the attending of workshops, masterclasses and conferences in order to be aware of and pre-empt beneficial industry trends and innovations;

e.   Seek third-party support in order to develop and learn skills to assist in representing the artist’s career with diligence in areas where there is an actual, perceived or potential weakness;

4.    Financial

a.   Ensure that the assets of the manager are recorded and managed wholly separately from the income and expenditure of the artist (note that this also applies to self-managed artists and bands where the manager is also a member of the represented group);

b.   Ensure that the manager’s share of the proceeds coming from their artist’s professional and business activities should be commensurate with the level of investment the manager has provided, in time or financially. Not to exceed 25% on a commission basis or 50% on a profit-share arrangement;

c.    Conduct all management and artist business in a transparent, accountable and ethical manner; this includes, in particular, allowing their artists access to all accounting records and contracts

Should a member be proved to have breached the above Code of Conduct, they may be expelled from the MMF NZ. Any expulsion is decided on by the Executive Committee and Chair Person. In the event of an expulsion from MMF NZ, the particular manager is no longer entitled to use MMF NZ membership credentials, and the organisation is entitled to advise the membership, the IMMF, and affiliates or associated entities of the IMMF including Government and Industry bodies as appropriate and required.