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Moving Stuff Release Their First Single Before Kicking Off Their New Zealand Tour

Singer/Songwriter Marina Bloom and Michael Davis, lyricist teamed up last year and created a number of songs in a variety of genres. In January this year Marina found Mike Cranna, seasoned drummer, which formed the core of the band that was to become New Zealand’s own Moving Stuff. In the blink of an eye, it seemed, they had been joined by Josh Brown, lead guitarist, Mike Cranna, drummer Chris Nalder on bass and Graeme Fuller on piano. In that same blink of an eye, these experienced musicians have come together to record and release their new single “Houston We Have A Problem.”

The band’s influences come through strong in this track, including nods to legends like Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and the late David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and “The Man Who Sold The World” in the lyrics. It is a haunting slow rock track full of piano and guitar melodies that are irresistible, and Marina’s sweet voice is as beautiful as she is. 

“Houston We Have A Problem” is indeed, very moving stuff. The song is available right now on Spotify and at their ReverbNation site, where they are the #1 most listened to band from Auckland on the site. Other Moving Stuff tracks include ‘Me Myself and I’, ‘Your Guitar’, ‘Long Distance Love’, ‘Someone Else’s Life’ and ‘Beautiful Girl’. 

Marina Bloom, a recording artist (with Eastern European origins) had already released a few songs in a variety genres based on Michael Davis's lyrics. One of them, “Some Else's Life” took the American Akademia Award for the Best Pop Song of February 2016.  Akademia said of their song, “A tour de force amalgamation of smooth electronic stylings and exultant dance rock beats yields a pop jam that will liven up any party place.”

With the formation of the band, Marina is much clearer about the direction she wants for her music to go: "We have recently written a few songs which started shaping our style and our direction. It’s a fusion of pop, indie and electronica which we are excited to perform live. And it’s possible because we use the electronic drum kit on stage.”

The band will be setting off in support of the new single Houston We Have a Problem across New Zealand. They will begin their tour in Auckland and tour throughout the rest of 2016.