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Inspired by her time in a professional recording studio for her single ‘Fire’, Parabola West (Katie Thompson) is now on a mission to record a brand new EP in the same way, with the help of global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and her growing crowd of fans.

Since releasing Fire in 2015, the Raglan based singer-songwriter has been touring New Zealand performing sellout public shows and intimate home concerts. During the same period she finished writing the full set of original songs for this new EP and is eager to get recording.

“The songs are written and I know exactly how I want them to sound when fully produced. I just need a little help to make it happen,” said West. The new EP will be a progression from West’s previous releases, moving into a piano-driven mix of folk and electronica, with an infusion of Celtic and other worldly sounds.

“I’m hopeful the awesome fans who campaigned to help me record Fire will support my Indiegogo campaign,” said West. “I can promise them great rewards and an EP they will love.”

The crowdfunding campaign will run for 40 days from 1 September 2016, and must reach its goal of $8000 to be successful. The campaign is being managed by the music services agency for independent artists, Quirky Music, with campaign manager Katie Thompson at the helm. Thompson has a string of successful campaigns for various independent artists under her belt, and has a passion for helping such artists progress their music careers.

Indiegogo is the largest global crowdfunding and fundraising site online.

Contribute towards the campaign via IndieGoGo