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18 year old singer/songwriter Ashy has released her official debut single ‘Baby Tonight’. A pop song complimented with a dance-like chorus makes for a perfect late night track.

Listen HERE

Whilst writing her upcoming singles, Ashy has been back and forth between her hometown Christchurch and Auckland. Since she was 13 she has worked on her songwriting craft and is pleased to finally release one of her works. 

‘Baby Tonight’ was produced by Scott Seabright in Roundhead Studios and written by Ashy. Over the course of the year the duo have been working hard to perfect every single and solidify Ashy’s artistry. The track was recorded near the start of the year at the beginning process of her recording career. In regards to future releases, listeners should expect pop and radio-ready songs that bring an international feel to a home-grown artist. 

With a distinctive pop vocal she carries out a narrative. She explains, “I wanted to set the scene in a crowded room, where the narrator feels suffocated by falseness and drama. People try to undermine the narrator's relationship by starting rumours, all they want to see is a show. It’s about not giving into drama, it’s about spending your night with someone who’s worth your time.”

‘Baby Tonight’ is well worth a listen, get a taste of what this teen songwriter is about and expect more catchy singles in the future. The single is available on Spotify and iTunes and many other music platforms."