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A collaboration between indigenous musicians from New Zealand and Taiwan will be presented to the public for the first time on Sunday as part of a concert and charity auction at Kuangchi Public Service (光啟社), a Catholic media production company.

Maori singer Moana Maniapoto (Sol de Sully) chose Taiwan as one of six countries for her upcoming album project, Ono 6, which aims to showcase the voices, languages and cultures of their Aboriginal peoples. This will be the fourth time she has performed in Taiwan and she hopes to further celebrate the Austronesian links between her people and Taiwanese Aborigines.

Moana is in the mountains of Hsinchu County today working on the song with Aboriginal Atayal singer Inka Mbing, titled Kay Maku + Toku Reo, which means “my language” in Atayal and Maori, respectively. They will record it on site for the album.

Sunday’s show will also include New Zealand electronic musician Paddy Free as well as a lubuw, an Atayal mouth harp performance. The auction is for Father Barry Martinson’s stained glass paintings, which have allowed him to build a youth center for the Aboriginal community of Chingchuan (清泉), as well as spearhead a street restoration and beautification project.