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Balu Brigada (Rodney Fisher) have today released the video for their latest single ‘Could You Not’.
The four-piece has been whipping up a storm since bursting onto the Kiwi music scene in 2016 with their first two singles, the catchy-as-hell ‘Weekend’ and the high-energy ‘Ricochet’. Made up of three brothers (Henry, Pierre and Charles Beasley) and a bestie (Guy Harrison), they’ve won over audiences with their unique blend of alt-rock, hip-hop and compelling pop hooks.
Balu Brigada’s new single ‘Could You Not’, which has been part of their live set for some time now, tells the tale of two close friends who were “kind of seeing each other for a while”, says lead singer Henry.
“It was on the down-low for a few weeks and then it started to get a bit messy when she wasn’t totally honest with him. She ended up not-so-subtly telling me that she was more keen on seeing him as a friend, and he was in the room next door at the time, so I was very literally like: ‘Yo, Could You Not Speak So Loud’.”
Directed by Garth Badger from Thievery Studio, the video for ‘Could You Not’ features some iconic inner Auckland cityscapes and K Road’s lauded ‘155 Chinese Restaurant’. And in keeping with the sentiment of the song, it also provides a glimpse of ‘flat life’, with many scenes being shot in various flats across Auckland, including a house party in Henry’s garage.