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Well known Auckland based singer/ songwriter and MC - Taliwill this week release a new single to draw attention to the objectification of women and raise money for domestic violence charity Women’s Refuge.

Tali, who has an extensive career in the international electronic music scene spanning decades, hopes that the messages can motivate some social change and get New Zealanders to think about the impact of objectification and shaming women.

“As a feminist and someone who’s always trying to rise up and encourage and inspire women in this male dominated industry I work in – I’m sick of seeing our country view women as mere objects of sexuality, or subjects on which to lay hate or blame. I feel because of the message of this track, its contemporary vibe and the music video we are shooting, that it will connect with many different people and hopefully be shared many times over,” says Tali.

The track (produced by UK artistsMelinki and Verva) has a music video to accompany it featuring Tali, female dance crew 'Street Candee' and women from many different backgrounds- including deputy Labour leader Jacinda Ardern- looking defiantly into the camera. The song also features Melodownz; His rap describing how men must support and raise up the women around them. VICE Magazine will be premiering the video on Friday the 23rd.

Tali, Melinki and Verva will be donating their proceeds of this track to Women's Refuge New Zealand.

“I don't feel there is any point in singing about such a message without trying to do something for those who are at the heart of the subject" Saya Tali. "Violence and abuse against women is a huge problem in New Zealand so hopefully I can not only raise awareness, but also money to help the thousands of women, and their children, experiencing violence.”

Women’s Refuge Principal Adviser Ruth MacIntyre-Bardell says, “This sort of messaging is crucial to stopping violence against women. Everyone knows that punching and hitting is harmful; but equally damaging, is the way we talk about and objectify women, and Tali does an incredible job of illustrating this issue, as well as raising the much needed funds to support the 40,000 women and children that need our help every year.”