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“We feature countless artists on this site day-in and day-out, but it takes something special to get us this excited about a new act.” – Indie Current

“If you're looking for an new inspiring act in the vein of a LANY or The 1975, then, you're going to want to get this track in your ears now.” – Hilly Dilly

“The NZ group writing addictive melodies that we'll be keeping a very close eye on.” – SNIFFERS

L.A WOMEN (Rikihana Douglas) have been burrowed away writing since the release of their debut single ‘Hurricane Love’, which has accumulated over 3 Million plays on Spotify. The hours spent in studio allowed the jewels to surface, and anticipated reveal of ‘Call on Me’ - a song that takes you right to the moment. The track is a silky anthem with direct vocals and core-splitting melodies, a seductive rhythm and a knack to ingrain itself quickly in your sub-conscious.

The accompanying visuals feature the 3-piece band driving through an abandoned car park building anticipation for an intimate conclusion. With an infections synth line and resounding 80’s snare, the production is a step forward for the group in this realm. Djeisan Suskov (Leisure, Matthew Young, Maala) added finishing touches to cement the song as a classic ‘rewind and repeat’ track.

L.A WOMEN first appeared in 2016 and quickly captured an audience with ‘Hurricane Love’ which was revered by Indie Current, SNIFFERS, Hilly Dilly, MTV and more. Their debut paved the way, and now at long last they reveal ‘Call on Me’. Working towards the release of their debut EP, we’re sure there’s far more jewels yet to come.