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TEKAWATUATORU ‐ the new album from Māori language music pioneers IWI (Teresa McGregor) ‐ is due for release today.   

Featuring new waiata of celebration and whakapapa...  “in a IWI stylee”  ...  TE KAWATUA TORUi s IWI’s third album and also features remixes of some of their most popular songs,  including   MŌ AKE and E NGĀ RANGATAHI. Pre‐sales of the album are currently available via iTunes.   

IWI are long‐ time advocates of Te Reo Māori who have contributed towards the survival of the language and tikanga through waiata.  “For us,  every week is Māori language week”  says Kimo Winiata and Keelan Ransfield of IWI. “We want to normalize Te Reo Māori and encourage everyone –  both fluent speakers and learners ‐ young and old – to not be afraid or ashamed, but to be proud tospeak our beautiful language every day”.   

MAI I MAKETŪ is the first single to be released from the album. Kimo says that after always beingreminded by relations that his DNA includes other sides ‐ not just Tainui whakapapa – the song is an attempt to show his Ngāti Whakaue kin that their whānau residing in Ōtaki are proud of their Te Arawa heritage! This is backed up by Kimo’s eldest child Matawai, who composed the second verseof the song, with her teina Kimiora performing it on the recording.   

TE KAWA TUATORU was mixed and produced by Maaka Phat of Minaaka,  and remixes are by   Te Kawa Hērangi, Kimo Winiata, and Maaka Phat. The album was funded by Te Māngai Paho