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Jenny Mitchell might not be a name you’re familiar with - so let’s remedy that right now. Jenny grew up in the Southern town of Gore - New Zealand’s home of country music. This 18 year old songwriter grew up surrounded by music from Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks & Johnny Cash but has now crafted a unique style described as a warm mix of folk & alternative country. At just 14, she was placed 3rd on the 2013 season of New Zealand’s Got Talent & since then this Otago Uni student has independently released a debut album, won a MLT Songwriting Award, the title of Southland Entertainer of the Year & a New Zealand Gold Guitar Award while playing countless shows throughout the country, Australia & most recently - Sweden & Ireland. 

The Gold Guitar win came at the perfect time, providing this travel loving storyteller with an industry based prize pack with a value of $15,000. A highlight of this package was to have a track produced by Nashville based producer Jay Tooke. After months of Skype based production sessions & recording her vocal track in the deep south of Invercargill, thanks to the wonderful team at Little Fire Music, Let Me Be is set to be released on February 29th.  

“It’s a dream come true to be working with a producer in Nashville & to be able to watch this song come to life.” 

Let Me Be is the perfect kiwi summer tune, with lyrics inspired by Jenny’s mum & dad. The chorus speaks of honey in the morning and wine in the evening, a tribute to her dad’s love of honey on toast for breakfast & her mum’s fondness of wine. The track showcases the warmhearted side of Jenny & proves that Nashville would fit this writer like a glove.

“One of my main goals as an artist is for my music to tell stories, I don’t think there’s any point singing if you don’t care what you’re singing about. That’s one of the reasons I’m so proud of this song, it’s catchy & fun - but it also has a story that’s really special to me.” 

Let Me Be is her first release of 2018 & will be followed up by her sophomore album Wildfires, set to be released mid year. Until then, Jenny will be playing at several events around the country including the Chow & Tipple Festival in Cambridge alongside NZ icon Annie Crummer. Alternatively, you’ll find Jenny playing house concerts in predominantly rural spaces around New Zealand. Anyone can apply to host a concert directly through Jenny’s website (  

“I’m on a quest to find audiences who are there to listen & enjoy music. House concerts seem to tick all the boxes for me & I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful country to be their backdrop.” 

Since her debut album, this writer has had the time to grow, to experience & to blossom into an artist who is comfortable in their own musical skin. This is set to be a year of new adventures for Jenny & Let Me Be is just the beginning of that new chapter.