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Theia (Nicole Thomas & Paula Yeoman) has released the highly-anticipated video for her new single ‘Bye Bye’, co-written in Sydney with the legendary Mike Elizondo, Australian hip-hop artist L-FRESH The LION and Kiwi singer-songwriter Vince Harder.

The video brings together the work of three of New Zealand’s brightest young stars - Theia, fashion designer Tia Feng and photographer Frances Carter.

All fans of each others’ work, the three young women came together over coffee in early 2018, and began planning their vision for a series of images and this video.

Emails and ideas bounced backwards and forwards for weeks until they met again - this time in a studio tucked away in central Auckland.

Throughout the shoot, ‘Bye Bye’ blasted at full volume. The bass-heavy anthem, written for anyone who’s ever had to fight to be taken seriously, is particularly poignant, because it comes at a time when women in entertainment are coming together to stand strong in the wake of the #metoo movement.

It’s this song, ‘Bye Bye’ - fuelled by anger and a need to express it - that beats at the heart of Theia's collaboration with Frances and Tia.

The vision was to create a series of images and a video that captured Theia and her music at a critical moment in time, whilst holding up a mirror to the talents of Feng and Carter. Like the song, the images convey a powerful message - there is beauty in anger. They also demonstrate the combined power that women in the creative industries hold, as they stare down the barrel of a revolution.