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New Zealand artist epsilon-blue returns with their first release in 10 years.

Teaming up with fantastic vocalist Sandy Mill the new single is a piece of challenging electronica called “Promised Me.”

 Leyton Glen the producer behind epsilon-blue says:

“I thought I’d retired the epsilon-blue project but the recent events of the school climate strikes revitalized my energies around our ongoing climate disaster. Too be honest I’d also kinda given up on the world doing anything about this disaster because of the entrenched denial, resistence and the fear of asking anybody to actually change their life in a meaningful way. I’ve been shocked by the lack of  response by the governments and citizenry for the last 25 years and now we are at a stage where children are protesting in the streets about the world we are leaving them. You know its bad when the kids are protesting in the streets!!!!!

Sandy wrote some great lyrics that ended up speaking to the lack of action taken by previous generations and I tried to support that emotion with the music.  With the kids now being the adults in the room I wanted to show my support in the loudest way i can.”

The track is released to coincide with new school strikes and the extinction rebellion worldwide protests. Epsilon-blue have also produced a powerful music video that captures the results of our inactions for both us and the other species we share this planet with. WARNING: Polar Bears

Epsilon-blue has released 3 albums of electronica and dance music to both critical and commercial success. Waterland (1998 Kog Transmissions), We have a responsibility to our shareholders (2002 Kog Transmissions) and Are we there yet? (2008 Rawhiti Recordings)

The project has seen Leyton work alongside some of Aotearoa’s most talented vocalists including Barnaby Weir and Daniel Weetman (The Black Seeds), Laughton Kora (Kora), and solo artists Sandy Mill, Josephine Costain, Karin Bettley, Andrew Hutton, David Harrison and Paul McClaney (Gramsci, The impending Adorations)