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Mundi 'The Pale Blue Dot'

The third album from New Zealand Indie act Mundi The Pale Blue Dot is named after the pale blue dot image of Earth that Carl Sagan requested from Voyager 1 as it was leaving our solar system on the 14th of February 1990.

The Pale Blue Dot explores humans’ interactions with nature, which has always been a source of inspiration for Mundi’s composer, Tamara Smith, who grew up in the South Island’s rural East Coast.

Tamara says “We live in this abundant, gorgeous planet...a place thriving with life and yet further afield we appear as a blue mote of dust against the grand curtain of space. The journey of how we have evolved and came to be here standing in front of audiences making music out of wood, metal and string is astonishing and wondrous. What I want people to get from this album would be joy, the urge to dance, to smile and to think…”

 Mundi’s live performance is electrifying, with dazzling interplay amongst the band and siblings Tamara and Tyson bouncing musical ideas of each other at a rapid clip.

Mundi definitely knew how to get all eyes on them…Great sounds, vibes and stage presence
Rory McDonald , Musicnet Jan. 2019

The Pale Blue Dot by Mundi captures this live energy and features Tamara Smith (flute, vocals, percussion), Chris Burke (sax), Tyson Smith (Hollie Smith – guitar), Darren Mathiassen (Shapeshifter – drums) and Johnny Lawrence (Electric Wire Hustle – bass). The album was recorded with Lee Prebble (Trinity Roots, The Black Seeds) at The Surgery studio in Wellington, as well as additional recording by Tyson Smith at Aro Valley, Cass Bay, Manuka Bay and Port Levy.