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As with most New Zealander’s the events of March 15 in Christchurch had a profound impact on Seven Zen.

While Seven’s debut 2018 EP “Dark as Life” critically examined themes such as gun control in the wake of US school shootings (Preventative Measures), the plight of people’s marginaised by hate speech (We are people), and raised questions about the dangers of unmoderated freedoms (Escapees), now does not seem like a time to focus creative energy on feelings of sadness and outrage,  but to celebrate a powerful and positive change apparent in our collective consciousness.

“A place called home” is a personal favourite P J Harvey track in which the lyrics could well have been written to describe how we are feeling. In the wake of the tragic events, and as a result of a fresh leadership style, New Zealander's are showing unprecedented levels of unity. However, rather than being from pride in national identity it seems more an acknowledgement of our shared humanity and individual responsibility to effect the change that the world desperately needs.


“One day I know we’ll find a place of hope, just hold on to me”


Seven is currently working on new original material for release in May, details soon…