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Jenny Mitchell 'Troubadour'

Jenny Mitchell releases the newest single ‘Troubadour’, from her second album Wildfires, along with a stunning live performance clip. ‘Troubadour’ was inspired, Mitchell says, ‘by a conversation with Adam McGrath, (New Zealand songwriter) long before I caught the travel bug. Life on the road didn’t appeal to me at all back then, but my perspective has definitely changed since!”

Recorded by Australia’s Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios, ‘Troubadour’ is inspired by Jenny’s love of life “on the road.” After touring through the Southern coast of Sweden, dozens of cozy Irish pubs and Australian cities and towns in the past 18 months, Jenny has quickly learnt the highs and lows of what it means to be a Troubadour.

This release gives insight into the intimate, raw nature of Mitchell’s live performance, a different side to the sounds of the songwriter’s previous singles. Her thoughtful lyricism and subtly powerful voice are testament to her cross-genre appeal, as evidenced by Wildfires position at #1 on the Alternative Album NZ iTunes and #4 on the Official NZ Album Charts.

The Otago University student says the accompanying video is, ‘my way of portraying both the lonely and truly magical times tend to co-exist in the life of musicians.’ It features her playing on a stage, to what is eventually revealed to be an empty theatre. The one-take video was recorded in Dunedin, where Jenny currently lives, and was produced by local music lover Made by Wade.

This release comes off the back of appearances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, a number of folk festivals throughout Australia and many shows at home in NZ. A highlight of her critically acclaimed album, in the single Mitchell sings, ‘as soon as I settle I get hungry for the road.’ She isn’t settling anytime soon, which is just as well given the masses are waiting to be fed more of her folk-music goodness.

Jenny will be embarking on a national tour in mid 2019 - dates to be announced.