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"Her solo sound is groovy, sexy, and the tension is something mean! That teeny hint of Daft Punk funk she sneaks in is the saucy goodness that brings the whole dish together."

- Happy Mag

3AM is the latest offering from New Zealand's fresh pop artist PRINS. She shares a more intimate side of her in this RNB inspired pop track while opening up about what it’s like to be in a state of limbo between head and heart.

Young and determined, she is headed full force into the music industry with her latest summer, dance track ’Notion’ landing her radio airplay earlier in the year. This sultry powerhouse is one to watch out for in 2019.

After looking through your content we wanted to approach you in hopes you would be interestedin promoting her latest single, 3AM. We understand publications such as yours play a vital part in spreading new music across the world and hugely appreciate any support you're willing to provide.
Alannah PRINS, (24) is an Auckland born singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model. From the age of 5, her passion for the arts has been her fuel for needing to succeed in music. After spending the past 5 years in Christchurch, NZ, she has been establishing herself with live performance experience and has no intention of leaving the industry any time soon.

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