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Think 70’s folk rock, Country vibes, a smooth Gospel Soul feel and you have the sound of “The Beautiful Dreamers” (Part1). Catherine Tunks is a diverse artist that doesn’t feel a need to conform into any genre and her elegant rootsy E.P. showcases this brilliantly.

In ʻThe Beautiful Dreamersʻ (part 1) she connects deeper into her heritage and country church upbringing. Drawing on her Irish and NZ Māori lineage gives her that undeniable South Pacific groove, and now, weaving in the new threads of Americana sound. Forming a rare songwriting partnership with German musician Thomas Koenig (Solid Brew), after meeting at Auckland’s Waiheke Jazz Festival in 2015, discovered a similar love of the old school gospel blues & darker country styles began this cross cultural music exchange.

ʻThe Beautiful Dreamersʻ (part 1) is the first in a trilogy of EP’s – a working concept for these two songwriters separated by masses of ocean and land.  Looking ahead to 2017, the duo will be embarking on a 6 weeks musical journey, touring with the full band throughout NZ in March, then enjoying a seasonal change with a parellel tour in Germany in September.

Mix in a host of experienced musicians into each continents touring schedule, its a global ʻFly My Prettiesʻ of all genres – a wonderful world exchange. Catherine Tunks has a stellar live band with the sweet Southern sound of pedal and lap steel that is way more dark distortion than California cute, merging along Hammond organ and slide guitar.  Fillled with her intimate stories, ʻThe Beautiful Dreamersʻ is here.

Catherine Tunks has travelled the globe, and released 2 acclaimed albums, but ʻThe Beautiful Dreamersʻ(part one) E.P. is is truly personal, full of heart and raw emotion. Although she is well known as her ʻBlack Sand Divaʻ persona, she is gently leaving this behind with the ʻThe Beautiful Dreamersʻ a new release that creates and explores passionate musical boundaries.

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