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MMF self managed artist Elcee is proud to release a video to accompany the lead single from her debut EP of the same name; Heart Over Mind.

Directed by Cortney Stowers and with videography by Penn Productions, the gorgeous video is a visual exploration of the themes of the song, focused around two characters that embody the battle between head and heart. Self produced and created with no budget, the concept was inspired by the old folktale, The Red Shoes, which follows an orphaned girl who is allured by a pair of red shoes which take control of her when worn.  

The video is an allegory of addiction, full of metaphors of how an obsession can consume a person, and the tension between wanting to succumb to the temptation versus a willingness to fight and overcome demons. The video also stars Cushla Roughan who spent two months working with Elcee on the choreography for the video to represent those two warring parts of a person in a beautiful contemporary dance. Channeling the lyrics about the visceral feeling losing yourself in a relationship, the video depicts the characters being swept away, dependent on each other but being unwilling to lose their own independence. 

Released at the end of last year, the Heart Over Mind EP is available now, drawing influence from across the genre landscape with elements of pop, jazz, electronica, and folk.